Marion Smith, Sculptor

Marion Smith Sculptor Logo


Newcastle University Arts building with Anthony Gormley sculpture on left, it has a purple sticker with an arrow on it.


Image of a section of a historical map of an area around Strathmartine Road in Dundee.

Historical Etch

Page from Google, the result of a search for Marion Smith sculptor

Mistaken Identity

Marion Smith, Sculptor

Marion Smith’s Scotland based sculpture practice has evolved over three decades, and her body of work can be discovered and explored from Shetland to Southampton.

Embracing tradition and innovation, Marion integrates drawing, painting, printmaking and photography into her creative practice and teaching.

Portfolio Highlights

Bronze relief sculpture mainly patinated in a bright green. The design is of leaves and berries. On the left the design stands proud and on the right the mirror image of the design it imprinted into the surface.


Elliptical bronze plaque, it has 3 fishing boat names on it with their registrations, on top Integrity, in the middle Enterprise and on the bottom Progress. Each of the names uses a different form of lettering.

Common Source

Unusual landscape with natural wall on the right hand side and geological outcrop in the background. Boulder in the foreground.