Framed granite samples, each is a rectangle and has a window cut out of a card mount, the window has a gold rim, the names and where they are from are hand written in capitals below each sample. The top four images are of Aberdeenshire granites, including second from left Kemnay and at the end of the top row Corennie.

Granite Gallery

Newcastle University Arts building with Anthony Gormley sculpture on left, it has a purple sticker with an arrow on it.


Image of a section of a historical map of an area around Strathmartine Road in Dundee.

Historical Etch

Page from Google, the result of a search for Marion Smith sculptor

Mistaken Identity

Relief wood carving in Lime entitled United Leaves

Decades apart

Rubber stencil with letter S, stencil is discoloured from the force of blasting abrasive through it. There is a match at the top of the S

My use of sandblasted lettering

Marion Smith wearing bright pink top with pale grey granite carving of a polar bear. The carving sits on top of a big wooden box covered in polythene, there is an open barn door behind, stone built buildings in background.

Works in Progress for quite some time


Portfolio Highlights


Elliptical bronze plaque, it has 3 fishing boat names on it with their registrations, on top Integrity, in the middle Enterprise and on the bottom Progress. Each of the names uses a different form of lettering.

Common Source

Bronze medal set back into a piece of oak. The medal shows a section of an historical map. To the top right is the name Vain and towards the bottom is the lettering Balnarty Hill, this is amongst wavy lines describing a hillside and their are dotted lines possibly describing how the land is carved up re ownership.

Loch Leven II