Lancastria Memorial

Commissioned by The Lancastria Association of Scotland

Completed 2011
Materials: Bronze and Granite

Length 170cm
Width 85cm
Height 240cm

The memorial is on the site of William Beardmore’s Dalmuir Shipyard now in the grounds of the Golden Jubilee National Hospital, Clydebank where the vessel was built for Cunard. The Lancastria began service as a liner in 1922 and was requisitioned by the government for use as a troopship in 1940. It was sunk off the French port of St Nazaire as a result of 3 direct hits from a Junkers 88 German aircraft on 17 June 1940, while being used to evacuate British nationals and troops in Operation Ariel two weeks after the Dunkirk evacuation. This tragedy was to be the worst single loss of life in British maritime history, because of its enormity the British government suppressed news of the disaster through the D-notice system.

Research for the memorial was carried out at the Maritime Archives & Library, National Museums Liverpool, Cunard ship plan collection. The design of the memorial was developed from the original drawings for the vessel.

The First Minister unveiled the memorial on 1 October 2011, it is a lasting tribute to the thousands who died and will serve as a place of pilgrimage and remembrance for years to come.