Panmure Passage

Commissioned by The Unicorn Property Group and Dundee City Council

Completed 2009

Material: Norden Granite

Length 615cm
Width 180cm
Height 240cm

The sculpture is sited on the location of the slipway where the RRS Discovery was launched in 1901. Each cut out taken from the 11 upright slabs relates to a cross-section of the hull of the vessel. The title of the sculpture acknowledges Panmure Shipyards where the vessel was built by The Dundee Shipbuilders Company.

The granite was imported as one block, this was crucial to the idea because when sliced the slabs were labelled so that in the final sculpture the sequence that they had been cut was followed, this means that the original rough external shape of the block is still evident. The sculpture relates to the vessel being locked in ice between 1902 and 1904 during Scott’s first expedition to the Antarctic.

The granite was processed and the sculpture realised by the artist at Fyfe Glenrock, Oldmeldrum, Aberdeenshire. There, the artist was able to gain professional help and advice, and use highly specialised equipment to handle and create the sculpture. The weight of the initial block was 27 tonnes.