Dissection and Draught

Materials: Sandstone, graphite and MDF

Created: 1997

H: 40cm W: 122cm D: 122cm

Categories: Exhibition Works

Dissection and Draught was first shown at the Crawford Arts Centre, St Andrews in 1997 in my first solo exhibition Corpus. In 2006 I submitted it to the Royal Scottish Academy as my diploma work.

Floor based sculpture with 3 elements in sandstone that sit on top of a very large almost black plate. The piece in the foreground has an arrow shape carved into it, and the piece of sandstone that it's carved from has irregular markings. To the right of this there is a shape like a spiral or shell cut open and on the left there is an upright form which has irregular markings towards the top. The arrow shape and the spiral have been painted with black paint with graphite in it, the same as on the dark plate below.
Detail of cross section of a spiral carved in sandstone, sections carved away are painted black

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