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Bronze plaque patinated green featuring leaves shown against a stone wall, there is a joint behind it which has been pointed.

Trails + Tales, Bishopbriggs

The edges of the sculpture called Villafield Trilogy are being softened in a workshop. They appear grey as they are abraded, whilst the triangular top of the stone appears black because it's polished. The decorative side of the work which is uppermost is covered by plastic held in place with masking tape.

Trails + Tales, Cadder

A large block of stone sits on top of metal trestles. On the side closest to the viewer there is a square section of rubber stencil which has a grid cut exposed. On the side facing up there is a rubber stencil which runs the length of the block. The lettering on this is upside down but reads Vtere Felix Vivas. Below this there is thick clear sheet of plastic.

Trails + Tales, Twechar

Concertina book opened across the image, it has flags on both inside covers. In the foreground a blue slipcase with a white cross on it.

Shetland Bird Names

Small square relief sculpture in bronze; in large letters on top of a lined background the word tilth in capital letters, and below in a heavier serifed typeface the word loam, also in capitals, around the outside of the work are names of grasses.


Work in progress on wood carving of stylised tree

Wood Carving Workshops

Wood carving of ear stylised of barley


Image showing design with ocatagons and a flower and leaves, the design has been sandblasted into the granite and painted with silver paint.

Cowgate Gateway Markers

Design of swirling leaves. In the top section the rubber stencils have been removed. In the bottom section 5 have yet to be uncovered.

Trail Markers, Lenzie Meadow Primary School


Latest from Marion's Blog

Framed granite samples, each is a rectangle and has a window cut out of a card mount, the window has a gold rim, the names and where they are from are hand written in capitals below each sample. The top four images are of Aberdeenshire granites, including second from left Kemnay and at the end of the top row Corennie.

Granite Gallery

Newcastle University Arts building with Anthony Gormley sculpture on left, it has a purple sticker with an arrow on it.


Image of a section of a historical map of an area around Strathmartine Road in Dundee.

Historical Etch