Bronze plaque patinated green featuring leaves shown against a stone wall, there is a joint behind it which has been pointed.

Trails + Tales, Bishopbriggs

Materials: Bronze

Created: 2018

Client: East Dunbartonshire Leisure and Culture Trust

H: 14cm W: 26cm D: 0.8cm

Categories: Commissions, Works in Progress, Workshops

View at: Bishopbriggs Library

In 2017 I approached The Glasgow School of Art Library about researching the Talwin Morris Collection, towards making artworks for Bishopbriggs and Cadder. I was exploring the creative legacy of the Villafield Press, a printing house which was part of the publishing firm Blackie and Son. The GSA Library holds a large collection of works by this press in their Talwin Morris Collection, named for the press’ influential Art Director. I used a number of books in this collection for research, looking not only at Morris’s characteristic Glasgow Style but also the production techniques behind the books themselves. This resulted in two pieces, which draw on Morris’s distinctive style applied to different mediums. The first, Imprint, is a relief work in bronze, (a small wall mounted plaque) which is sited at the entrance to Bishopbriggs Library. Designed after Morris’s cover for Blackie’s Infant Reader, the different levels and patinated surface on the finished work are designed to relate to the  process which would imprint Morris’s designs on book cloth.

The client kindly allowed me to edition this work, you may have noticed it also features in my portfolio entitled Imprint.

Six decorative book jacket designs
Talwin Morris book jacket designs courtesy of Glasgow School of Art Library Special Collections

In relation to the commission I ran workshops on blind embossing at Bishopbriggs Library, this was a family focused activity where parents or guardians participated with their child, both producing a piece of artwork.


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