Two designs on tall rectangles, on the left three arrow shapes with red bands top and bottom and little gold hearts in the background, on the right tall stalks with a rectangle divided in two on top, the bottom section is purple.

Trails + Tales, Cadder

Materials: Granite and enamel paint

Created: 2018

Client: East Dunbartonshire Leisure and Culture Trust

H: 90cm W: 40cm D: 15cm

Categories: Commissions, Works in Progress, Workshops

The work Villafield Trilogy was made for a site beside the Forth & Clyde Canal adjacent to the pathway. Drawing on Morris’s cover for A Very Odd Girl, one side depicts the same colour scheme and elements of the design sandblasted and painted into a slim block of granite shaped to suggest a book. The other side contrasts in style and is based on Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s thistle motif from the library at Hillhouse in Helensburgh. The idea for the artwork grew from the discovery that Talwin Morris introduced his boss Walter Blackie to Charles Rennie Mackintosh, from this introduction came the commission for the celebrated Hillhouse.

This work has unfortunately been vandalised and has been temporarily removed. It’s hoped that it can be reinstated in a less remote area in the near future.

In relation to my works for Cadder and Bishopbriggs I led workshops in Meadowburn Primary School, which stands on the site of what was once the Villafield Press. Each of the pupils had the opportunity to design and make their own books, complete with Talwin Morris inspired jacket designs.


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