Trails + Tales, Twechar

Materials: Whinstone, various stone inserts

Created: 2018

Client: East Dunbartonshire Leisure and Culture Trust

H: 45cm W: 135cm D: 45cm

Categories: Commissions, Works in Progress, Workshops

View at: Twechar Healthy Living & Enterprise Centre

The work Grid Reference is inspired by Barr Hill fort and the fabulous Roman archaeological finds from the Antonine Wall now on display in the Hunterian Museum. The material for the bench is whinstone, which was quarried locally near Croy. The idea for the grid detail on top comes from a gaming board (like chess or draughts). Counters made of various coloured stones from around the world are inset into the top, these include, Ailsa Craig, Blue Star Dust, Labrador Antique and Ruby Red inserts. I led workshops at Twechar Primary School where the pupils made colourful badges which are like gaming pieces for a board game. A die shaker was found at Barr Hill fort, so there is evidence of this form of recreation taking place there. The text in relief on the side has had the spaces between the letters sandblasted away. It reads VTERE FELIX VIVAS which translates as – use happily, may you live – it is a message of good luck.

On the left there is a broken slab with grid carved into the top of it, counters are placed within the grid and also to the right of the slab, top right of the image there is a dark coloured cylindrical vessel.
Die shaker found at Barr Hill Fort top right of image
Landscape with trees, three figures walking to left of image. Shadow cast by tree branches in the foreground.
Site visit Barr Hill Fort

In relation to the project I led workshops at Twechar Primary School where the pupils made colourful badges which are like gaming pieces for a board game.

Myself with a group of primary school children who have been making badges.
Selection of badges made by children.

The work has made it to Twecher but it has not yet reached its site. It’s currently in the grounds of the Healthy Living & Enterprise Centre, but is intended for an elevated location with a spectacular view.


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