Marion Smith - Trailhead

Bonhoga Gallery, Shetland


After a successful public art residency at Scalloway Booth in the summer of 2002, Marion was invited to have an exhibition at the Bonhoga Gallery. In Shetland Marion was struck by the variety in colour and texture of beach sands, reflecting the diversity of Shetland’s geology. At Scalloway Castle a friend noticed how the masonry had been restored at various times with a variety of mortars of different colours because of the sands used, this observation was the origin of the cast works in the exhibition. The works are made using a process involving pattern making, mould making and casting.

In September 2003 Marion travelled to the USA on a Thyne Scholarship from the English Speaking Union, Scotland. Photographs in the Trailhead exhibition show some of the phenomenal landscapes that she encountered. ‘Trailhead’ is the general term used to indicate the beginning and end of a path in the National Parks.