Newcastle University Arts building with Anthony Gormley sculpture on left, it has a purple sticker with an arrow on it.


Last month I was out and about, enjoying the lengthening days. It’s my birthday mid-February and perpetually the best gift is more daylight. I had a day trip to Newcastle, note the sticker on the Antony Gormley sculpture!

Soft image of a spiders web, an artwork by Vija Celmins

I went to see the ARTIST ROOMS Vija Celmins show at the Hatton Gallery, I loved it.

Artwork in a perspex box that looks like twigs covered in lichens.

In Edinburgh I enjoyed the Silent Archive exhibition at the Botanics, I particularly liked these embroidered sculptures by Amanda Cobbett.

Triptych of dogs in a park in Conte on paper

At the City Art Centre I caught the Scottish Landscape Awards, I had seen a lot on Instagram about it, my favourite work was by Catharine Davison RSW.

Artworks made from shaped strips of wood that are arranged with spaces between them, curvy shapes.

Upstairs in the CAC was the show Deep Rooted with this gorgeous suspended installation by Naomi Mcintosh.

A grid of colourful paintings

Finally a wee trip to Glasgow, the highlight being a guided tour of Wednesday is Cobalt blue, Friday is Cadmium red by the inimitable Sam Ainsley.


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Framed granite samples, each is a rectangle and has a window cut out of a card mount, the window has a gold rim, the names and where they are from are hand written in capitals below each sample. The top four images are of Aberdeenshire granites, including second from left Kemnay and at the end of the top row Corennie.

Granite Gallery

Image of a section of a historical map of an area around Strathmartine Road in Dundee.

Historical Etch

Page from Google, the result of a search for Marion Smith sculptor

Mistaken Identity